"Homeless people are dirty and smell ..."

Clean & Soaper, Inc.

a 501(c)(3) charity and California non-profit organization

What are the first things people say about the homeless? "They're dirty." "They smell bad." Thinking about that, and the other less-pleasant things people say about the homeless, typically without considering that most do not want to be on the streets, I thought about why I learned soapmaking. It made me think that while it might have been the knowledge base or chemistry which originally interested me, there was something more - leading me to the means to make the world we can affect a little bit better. So much disease and despair comes from living in filth. In Africa and other countries, we know how basic sanitation can reduce disease and better people's lives - but we need to make sure people here realize the same benefits.  - Jeremy Schuster

"but we can be part of a solution."

Clean & Soaper strives to provide soap, personal care items and other support to homeless and homeless support orgainzations. Its first donations were to Lava Mae, a group in San Francisco which converted retired city diesel buses to mobile shower/lavatory units. Clean & Soaper's founder makes artisan soaps and believed the trim, samples and "less than esthetically perfect" soaps produced could be to put good use, helping people get clean, regain some dignity and potentially reducing the disease and illnesses which result from being exposed to grime or street filth.

There has been no shortage of organization asking for donations from Clean & Soaper, which became certified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charity. Now the trick will be expanding The trick will be obtaining sufficient donations to serve these homeless support organizations and others - and that's where you can help. If you're a soaper, we can use the soaps you want to donate or don't think are right for resale, any soaps or personal care products of sufficient size for at least a single use, or supplies to produce these items for charity. If you supply raw materials (soapmaking oils, colorants, essential/fragance oils, molds, tools, packaging or labeling systems or supplies, etc.) we can use your excess or donations to produce quality soaps for our program. If you have time, we can use help in many areas including web design/progreamming, grant writing, outreach, and office-related duties.

We want to continue our good work and hearing the stories of how people living on the street, from whatever unfortunate circumstances they suffered, and managed to get clean, healthy, regain some dignity and self-respect and got on-track to return to society as productive members of the work force - and we'd love your help.

Your donations (other than time) are tax-deductible.

We apologize for the sparse nature of the website, but to get in touch, please contact:

Jeremy Schuster at (562) 596-5900 or by email to JeremySchuster@gmail.com

Thank you!

Clean & Soaper

soap being cut down for use

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